Theater Seating

Theater seating is a set of theater chairs and seating arrangements used in the halls where theater performances are held. What makes theater halls special is that they are auditorium halls specially designed for performing arts and other events.

Theater & Cinema Seats

Theater Seats

Theater chairs are known for their stylish appearance and comfortable seating experience. It can be said that the armrests have a larger design in seats specially designed for theater seating. This is because theaters are an art center and for this reason, the seats used in theater seating should have a good design.

Theatre chairs can be offered in many different models, colors and designs. It is a critical point that it offers a comfortable seating experience to the theater audience from the first minute to the end of the show with dense sponge.

These seats, also called theater chairs, have different models according to the project budget. If you have a standard budget, you can choose theater seats with plastic armrests.

Seats with wooden armrests have higher costs due to the difficulty in shaping wood. However, theater chairs with plastic armrests are offered at more attractive prices.

Upholstered armrests are frequently used in VIP theater seats to maximize user comfort. In addition, with its dense sponge structure, the seats used in theater seating offer maximum comfort to users.

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