Chairium is a manufacturer of Auditorium Chairs & Cinema Chairs & Conference Chairs based in Turkey. If you want to know about Auditorium, Cinema, Theatre, Conference, Lecture Chairs from Turkey then you are in the right address. These are some of the furnitures we have like auditorium chairs, cinema chairs, VIP Recliner chairs, Reclining chairs, conference chairs, theatre chairs, Home cinema chairs, Meeting room chairs, Fixed Chairs.

There are different types of Chairs from Turkey models the manufacturer owns so the customer can choose the model he or she wants to  be produced and let the manufacturer knows so that model’s production can be started. Auditorium Chair for sale, Cinema Chair for sale, Conference chair for sale, Theatre chair for sale, Library chair for sale, VIP Chair for sale, Recliner Chair for sale, Reclining chairs for Sale.

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