Commercial Theater Seating

Imagine going to a theater to watch a show or a movie. Would you prefer traditional theater seats or recliners that provide you with a comfortable sitting experience for your body by providing you with the most suitable reclining position with a button?

Commercial Theater Seats

Commercial theater seating manufacturers know this detail very well, so they produce cinema seats with much more different designs. As Chairium, we manufacture recliners for our customers’ commercial theater seating projects. We are becoming increasingly popular in that world market due to our competitive pricing policy and completely project-oriented production.

Reclining theater chairs features

The key to commercial theatre seating is to maximize the user seating experience. For this reason, the following optional features are available on recliners.

Cup holder: Cup holders, which are also used in traditional cinema seating, are now much more premium. Cup holders with lighting and cooling features are frequently preferred in VIP movie theaters.

Tray Table: Tray tables, also called writing trays, are the apparatus used for the movie audience to put their snacks or phones.

Led Lighting: For a more premium look, LED lights are used on the bottom, back and armrests of the seats.

Middle module: Also called the center module, the middle module provides moviegoers with extra space for drinks and snacks. There is also a storage compartment where moviegoers can put their bags and belongings.

We have shared with you some of the features of the seats used in commercial cinema seating. You can contact us to learn the best seats for your movie theater seating projects. Contact us for more information and price requests about commercial theater and cinema seats.

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