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Manufacturer In Turkey

As Chairium, we are manufacturer in Turkey. Being a manufacturer is not also the producing your own products, your models but also you can take projects from your customers about custom made Auditoium Chairs. There are spesific Auditorium , Cinema Chairs or VIP Auditorium Chairs that a manufacturer owns. These models are produced by their own molds. And it is effective to have your own models since you know how to produce it effectively when the mass production time comes.


However sometimes customers want different products or the products they see from other manufacturer and the price is too high. So they want that exact product to be produced by outher customers cheaper. Turkey is in advantage in this point against Europe. The prices are much more cheaper in Turkey than the Europe and sometimes ChinaMalaysiaIndia manufacturer. But if we say Turkey is only better at pricing we would make a mistake because the quality of the Auditorirum chairs and Cinema Chairs and VIP Auditorium Chairs are better than most of the world. That’s why people started to prefer Turkey for their furniture choices. Also Turkey is much more close to most of countries than China and Malaysia so the logistic prices are much more cheaper. All this reasons are enough to make the Turkey is first options for the furniture choices.


Custom made products can be produced however the quantity for the project is important. Since the manufacturer don’t normally produce that product, the cost of the product will be much more than their own products’ cost. So the customer’s project must meet the needs of the manufacturer.


Since Turkey came in a point that most of the world’s first choice of the furniture manufacturers, there are a lot of customers come everyday so the production periods may be longer than other manufacturers but still that doesn’t remove the Turkey from preferences.