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Tips on Arranging Cafe Furnitures

Tips on Arranging Cafe Furnitures

Once you have bought the appropriate cafe furnitures, it is now required that you arrange the furniture in such a fashion that it looks functional and is also aesthetically pleasing.  You want the arrangement to be such that it is easy to navigate between tables and that it does not look too crowded. On the other hand, you do not want your cafe to look like it has a lot of empty space. Arranging cafe furnitures is a science that needs to be perfected. You can hire an interior designer for the job for you. Though he/she will demand a lot of money for his/her services. Or instead you could follow our tips to achieve great results.


Evaluate the location of your cafe. Is it a road side bistro where people stop for a quick cup of coffee? Is it a hangout place for friends? Or does your place attract creative minded people who sit around for hours? This is important to consider because if your customers stay for long, your cafe furnitures needs to be comfortable and durable. It also needs to be placed in such a way that it does not look cluttered or over crowded. You need to have a laid back appearance. Lining sofa seats along the walls will be perfect for such a look.

On the other hand, if you run a bistro that offers quick service, you need more cafe furnitures placed in a way that it fills the room.


If the style of your cafe or restaurant is more formal, there should be less tables in the room. Navigating the room should be easy and the decor should be sophisticated and formal. Stay away from light weight chairs huddled all around. Avoid plastic furniture as well.

Instead, go for heavier looking pieces that do not move around so easily. You can place the table adjacent to windows if they have a beautiful view. You can also place tables overlooking the stage or an aquarium that you might have incorporated into the place.


Identify the purpose of your eatery. Is it a place where functions are held? Or is it a date friendly restaurant? The size of your cafe furnitures should correspond to that. Ideally a table with four seating places is perfect for more venues. You can also mix and match for variety.


When arranging cafe furnitures, balancing the room is very important. You do not want all the cafe furnitures on one side of the room whilst the other area looks vacant. Make sure that the tables and seating is evenly distributed across the room. Uneven distribution shows that you did not pay enough attention. You do not want to give this impression to your customers. Also, if you are going to have a mix of table sizes, make sure that they are equally distributed too. You shouldn’t have all long tables on one side and the others at its opposite unless you are dividing sections.


The most durable cafe furnitures should be in the front as it gets the most use. If you have outdoor seating arrangement, then it will demand long lasting and strong furniture. You can place less tough items at the back as they will not get as much use.

If you are concerned about quality, then Chairium provide exceptionally tough but good looking cafe furnitures.

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