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Metal Legs Preferences

Cinema Chairs with metal legs are commonly used in Cinema Halls. There are so many different models so customers may not decide which model to used. So which type of metal leg should be used ?

First of all, you should check every different models in a catalog one by one. If you want stylish and more complex metal legs consider that the weight will be much more so it would be better to used those kind of legs on the Cinema Chairs that you won’t move around that much.

Secondly, there are straight metal legs which are used more often by customers for their Cinema Halls. These legs are produced with metal square part on bottom and metal parts on top of metal legs that hold Cinema Chairs top.

Also the height of the leg is important. Normal Cinema Chair’s height should be around 80-110 cms. Manufacturers may not change the dimensions of their metal leg models for more complex styles because the model may be broken when the dimension is changed. However straight metal leg is not problem when the dimension changing is about.

You can bring your Cinema Projects, Theatre projects and ask for a spesific Cinema Chairs with spesific metal legs. So all you need to do is decide if you want the exact models on your project or is it okay for you to replace those models with some other models.

If you want the manufacturer to produce the exact metal legs you want, you have to give the dimensions and the model to be used but be aware that not every model can be applied to any dimensions. As I mentioned above, some complex models’ dimensions can’t be changed.

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